This Trick is a Treat!


How to get rid of pet odors you say? Voila, I give you the magic potion!  My Halloween trick for you is a sweet treat that every pet owner should keep up his sleeve. This should be the “first line of defense” to get rid of pet odor. In many cases it will make pet odor completely disappear!


Keep This Pet Odor Removal Spray Handy!

Create this simple concoction! Get a spray bottle and fill it half way with distilled water and the other half with white vinegar. At the first sign of “foul play” get a white towel and blot up the blunder! Remove the residue! Pick up the poop! Then spray the area with your concoction to neutralize the odor. Don’t be afraid to fully saturate the area. There is nothing scary about the concoction (it’s safe for all fabrics) but the pet odor can wake the dead! Get another clean white towel and blot (don’t rub) the area. Depending on how major the mess is, you may need to soak the area thoroughly. Use of a wet/dry vacuum help with odor extraction and speed drying time. Otherwise, press another clean white towel onto the area and leave it there while the moisture wicks up into the towel. If the pet odor is still there, or it is just too wet, you may have to call in the big guns…That’s us!

Beware of Dangerous Potions…

There are lots of products that claim to get rid of pet odors. The danger is that some can take out the color along with removing the pet odor. Some can “mask” the pet odor but when the fragrance wears off, the scary truth is that you are back at square one. At Steam Master, we see quite a few customers who have used their home remedies and it has set the stain. If you have a questions about how to get rid of pet odors, call us and we would be happy to give you some guidance.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Superheroes

Disclaimer…This IS a great Trick, but it ISN”T magic. If this mess is major and our pet odor treatment didn’t do the trick, Steam Master Carpet Cleaners is here for you. We are the super-hero’s when it comes to bringing carpet and rugs back from the dead. Our bag of tricks if full and our technicians are magicians!

Get Rid of Pet Odor – Step by Step Recap

  1. Clean up the Crud
  2. Spray with ½ distilled water and ½ white vinegar
  3. Blot with clean/white towel
  4. Repeat
  5. If you can’t get rid of pet odor…
  6. Call Steam Master Carpet Cleaners

That wasn’t too terrifying, right? Your fur baby might have given you a scare but with this simple trick you can treat yourself to a fresh house!