Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning newport beach


Clean carpet makes your house feel fresh! Unfortunately, carpet is the “catch-all” for dirt, dander, pet hair and spills. To get the most thorough cleaning you need the hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” method. This is the only method classified as “deep cleaning” and recommended exclusively by 99% of carpet manufacturers. We use only non-toxic cleaning agents that are safe for you and your home. We finish with a rinsing step to insure that your carpet is residue free. Our truck mounted equipment heats the water to just the right temperature and the systems powerful suction extracts 95% of the water. Your carpet will be damp to the touch when we finish allowing it to dry quickly. Our technicians are IICRC certified have many years of experience.

rug cleaning newport beach


We treat every area rug like it’s a family treasure! Other cleaners may send your rug out to be cleaned, we clean all rugs on site, at our plant. This means we have the time and resources at our fingertips to give your rug the highest degree of attention. Each rug is carefully hand cleaned often
multiple times. We employ many methods depending on the type of rug you have and what issues we are addressing. Bring your rugs to our shop or call to schedule a pick up.

upholstery cleaning newport beach


From the comfy couch to your delicate antiques, your upholstery will get the VIP treatment in Steam Master’s onsite upholstery cleaning plant.

You rest in your recliners, snuggle on your sofas and spill food on your dining room chairs. Your upholstery can act like a sponge for dirt and bacteria. Our upholstery-cleaning technicians have over 20 years of cleaning experience and have encountered almost every challenging job there is. Every piece of upholstery is carefully hand-cleaned. We will spend as much time and attention as is needed to make sure your furniture comes back to you looking, feeling and smelling fresh and inviting.


Our office will happily consult with you over the phone or arrange an appointment to meet with you personally and evaluate your job.