How Much Will It Cost To Clean My Carpet ?

Cost of Carpet Cleaning Services in Orange County

“How much will it cost to clean my carpet?” I get asked this question every day on almost every call.

The first thing to know is that there are two fairly common ways that companies use to calculate the cost to clean carpet. The first way is to charge by the room. The second is by the square foot.

By the room - The advantages of charging by the room is that it is very simple to figure out the cost of a job. It is a one size fits all system. The disadvantage is that you may be overpaying for your carpet cleaning. This is especially true if your rooms are very small. It also applies if you are only cleaning the traffic areas. The “per room” pricing is really pricy for the bedrooms. You still pay for the whole room even though you usually don’t clean under the beds! With “per room” pricing, you may “win” in some cases and you may “loose” in others. However, I think it’s fair to say that carpet-cleaning companies have the per room cost to clean carpet figured out to consistently work in their favor.

By the Square Foot - The advantage to this type of pricing is that you get exactly what you pay for. You may choose to have furniture moved or choose to clean only the traffic areas. Either way, each room is measured according to the carpet to be cleaned. The cost to clean the carpet is much more accurate.

Steam Master Carpet Cleaners calculates the cost to clean your carpet using the “per foot” method. We have found that this is fair and accurate to us and our customers.

No Surprises With Our Prices!

We measure the area to be cleaned and give you the price before we start your job so that there are no unpleasant surprises. We are happy to come to your home and give you a free quote. The best way to get started is to give us a call and describe your carpet cleaning needs. We can give you a “ballpark” estimate over the phone and then schedule an estimate or a cleaning.

For more information, check our website for current pricing:

Some words of caution for potential consumers…

Pricing “Traps” to Look Out For

Make sure that you are shopping for more than just price! There is a huge range in the quality of carpet cleaning you can get. This depends on the type of equipment that the company uses and the skill and experience of the technicians. Make sure that when you are looking for the price of carpet cleaning, you are comparing “apples to apples”!

It is a sad fact that many fly by night carpet cleaners offer ridiculously low prices as a way to get into your home. They use bait and switch tactics and perform shoddy work! It’s no wonder that most of the new calls I get are from extremely wary consumers.

Low Ballers

There are a LOT of carpet cleaners who will do anything to get in your door! These are the “low ballers,” and generally their only marketing tool is low price, then they pressure you to buy additional products or services and the price goes way up.Remember, if it seems to be too good to be true…it is!

The reality is that no carpet cleaner can clean a whole house for $59.95 (or whatever the low-ball price is) and be able to stay in business for long. Low ballers count on “upselling” and big price increases, no matter what they initially quoted over the phone.

In these situations, you unfortunately “get what you pay for.” And the biggest complaint we hear about Low Ballers is that customers end up in unpleasant confrontations! This is not the kind of service company that you want in your house.

The Super-Duper Special

You’ve seen them forever. They offer BIG savings, 30%, 40% or even 50% off. The question is, off of what? Often their “40% off” price is year round and highly inflated. So 40% off of a price that has been raised by 50% is not a deal, it is a 10% price increase!

If they can’t tell you the actual price for a service, hang up! In carpet cleaning, as with any other discount offer, you need to know the starting price before you can even begin to decide if a discount is really a discount!

The Old Bait and Switch Trick

These guys are a lot like low ballers, but they use a trick called “bait and switch.” They offer an incredibly low price and once they get into your house they have all kinds of reasons to raise the price. , They announce that you scheduled the basic service, but because of certain conditions, such as your carpet is extra dirty, or it is the wrong fiber, or the fibers are damaged, you need the upgraded service, which costs twice or three times as much.

Often they are really pushy and since they are already there, you agree to the higher price and let them go ahead with the cleaning. What we’ve found is that even the higher priced service offers a mediocre cleaning job at best.

Doll House Cleaners

Most folks have no idea how many square feet of carpet they have. So when a cleaner says they will clean 3 rooms of carpet for only $39, it sounds like a great deal. But if you look in the small print, you will see that they consider a room to be 75 square feet of carpet or less.

When they arrive they announce that your rooms are much larger than the quoted rate. So your standard 10 foot by 12 foot (120 square feet) rooms will actually cost twice as much! Not nice! It’s another variation on the low baller and bait and switch concept.

Cheap Price – Cheap Service

When a company chooses to compete on price alone something has got to give. Their equipment is usually low quality and poorly maintained or the cleaning products are inferior or the technician is poorly trained. Do you really want that going on in your home?

I Hope that Helps and a Few Extra Tips

I hope that equips you to make a great choice when you try to find out how much it costs to have carpets cleaned. Here are answers to a few other cost questions that usually follow our basic pricing explanation.

Minimum service charges

We pride ourselves in delivering a high-quality service every time. This means having well trained service technicians with years of experience equipped with top-notch equipment and tools. This also means being fully bonded and insured for your protection. Running a real business does take money. For this reason we have a minimum service charge that currently (as of October 2018) stands at $150.

Circumstances your phone quote might be subject to change

Occasionally, there can be circumstances that might need to be addressed by the service technician on-site. We call this a technician assess and will let you know when this applies. Items such as pet urine odor issues or carpet repair fall into this category.

Change of Scope

If you see that your technician is doing a wonderful job on your carpet, you may decide to have him clean additional areas, or a couch and love seat. You may decide to have an area rug brought in to our shop in Costa Mesa. That, of course, will cost more. Your service technician will go over any additional items and their respective cost.

We’re here to help

We hope this helps you in your search for a great carpet cleaner! You can always check our website for pricing or call and talk to one of our friendly office staff.

We look forward to serving you and living up to our motto of “Delivering Quality Every Time”. 949.645.1313

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