The Original Steam Master Carpet Cleaners vs. Imposters

The Original Steam Master Carpet Cleaners

We are doing everything we can to get the word out that there are several "Plain Wrap" carpet cleaners in the Orange County area that are trying to pass themselves off as us! ...

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How Much Will It Cost To Clean My Carpet ?

Cost of Carpet Cleaning Services in Orange County

"How much will it cost to clean my carpet?" I get asked this question every day on almost every call. The first thing to know is that there are two fairly common ways that companies use to calculate the cost to clean carpet. The first way is to charge by the room....

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How To Get Rid of Pet Odor

Pet Odor Removal From Carpets & Rugs

This Trick is a Treat! How to get rid of pet odors you say? Voila, I give you the magic potion! My Halloween trick for you is a sweet treat that every pet owner should keep up his sleeve. This should be the "first line of defense" to get rid of pet odor. In many...

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How to Get Finger Paint, Crayons, and Playdough out of Carpet

How To Remove Crayons & Paint From Carpet

Has Your Carpet Become a Canvas? Summer is officially over and families are settling into the new rhythms of fall. Preschools are full of budding little artists ready to unleash their creativity! Parents have a tough job keeping the carpets clean when it comes to...

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How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Costa Mesa

You’ve heard the commercials, you’ve seen the ads and you’re still confused. You just want to have your carpets cleaned and you want it done right without paying a fortune. Here’s our advice on how to choose a carpet cleaner, and an explanation of the different...

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